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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Booking Opportunity: BMT Massage & Confinement Services October, November, December 2019

Assalamualaikum, and good day!

We have good news to share! some of our freelanced therapists have openings for their schedule in October, November & December. We are available to receive booking for massage & confinement for said months.

Below are our information. Kindly noted that the team are pretty much skilled and experienced therapists and booking are based on their schedule. The team are freelanced therapists that are collaborating with BMT Management to get more clients and more business coming in for them. 

The management acts as marketing agent that markets therapists' skills and experienced by sharing reviews about them and sharing available therapists' schedule for potential customers. Other than that, we are not fully hiring these therapists.

All bookings must be with confirmed deposit payment. That way, therapists are ensured that clients are serious and block their schedule for the clients. 

Below is our service:-

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tempahan Urutan Berpantang BMT bagi Bulan Oktober, November & Disember 2019 kini dibuka.

Booking Perkhidmatan Urutan Berpantang anda dengan Team Kami. Coverage seluruh KL dan beberapa kawasan di Selangor, Malaysia.

Hubungi Management BMT (Manager Ahmar) di talian:- 013-6358664 atau KLIK sahaja Line Direct Whatsapp:

Mengenai BMT <3

BMT (Book My Therapist) a.k.a Pasukan Juru-Urut Wanita & CL KL -Selangor BMT <3

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